William Drenttel Award for Design Excellence

^ Drenttel Award inaugural video 2015 (produced by Teach for All) 

In 2015, the Winterhouse Institute began an exciting collaboration with Teach For All, a global organization operating through partners in 40 countries to expand access to education to ensure all children have the opportunity to fulfill their potential. William Drenttel, co-founder of the Winterhouse Institute, and Vice President of Communications and Design for Teach For All from 2008-2013, was deeply committed to the value of education. The William Drenttel Award for Excellence in Design is a joint award created by the Winterhouse Institute and Teach For All to honor Bill's legacy.  

“Winterhouse seeks to shine a light on public-minded organizations that activate their missions through design. Teach For All is a world leader on this front and the Drenttel Award recipients show why.”

– chris kasabach, winterhouse institute board of directors


The Drenttel Award aims to raise awareness of the value of design, while helping Teach For All partners magnify their mission. The annual award recognizes projects from Teach For All partners that utilize design to further their social impact through design. Submitted projects are reviewed by an international group of judges* against the following key criteria: 

Award Judges (2015-2016):

Lee Davis, co-chair, Winterhouse Institute Board of Directors (California, USA)

Bori Feher, Program Director, EcoLab, Moholy Nagy University of Art & Design (Budapest, Hungary)

Chris Kasabach, co-chair, Winterhouse Institute Board of Directors (New York, USA)

Alex Knowlton, Principal, ACNE Design (New York, USA)

Juliana Proserpio, Co-founder & CEO, Design Echos  (São Paulo, Brazil)

Joe Zinter, Assistant Director,  Yale Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (New Haven, CT)



Becky Chen, Social Impact Designer (Washington, DC)

Molly Reddy, MA in Social Design 2017, Center for Social Design, MICA (Baltimore, MD) 

Becky Slogeris, Design Lead, Center for Social Design, MICA (Baltimore, MD)


  • Human-Centered Approach: The solution was conceived with and for people. It has been successful as a design intervention because it responds to the audience’s needs and desires.
  • Impact: The solution is a significant improvement over the status quo. There is measurable positive value especially relative to a baseline or the solution that preceded it.
  • Responsibility: The solution respects and reflects the cultural and environmental context that it serves. 
  • Creativity & Innovation: The solution demonstrates a highly inventive approach to problem-solving. 
  • Clarity & Quality of Resolution: The solution has visual clarity and aesthetic appeal, as applicable.
  • Capacity of Partner: The solution is impressive in relation to the level of development/capacity of the partner organization. 

Award winners receive a featured announcement in Design Observer, announcements at both the annual Winterhouse Symposium and Teach For All Global Conference, as well as design mentoring services through the Winterhouse Institute network. In addition, winners' projects are shared across the Teach For All network as examples of innovative, replicable approaches for advancing access to education. 


The two winners of the 2016 Drenttel Award for Excellence in Design:

• Enseña por MéxicoA creative recruitment and selection campaign including profiles of graduates with different degrees and a focus on the humanities.

• Teach For AustraliaAn integrated (and adaptable) recruitment marketing campaign that allowed for a different conversation with candidates and provided them with a clear call to action.


Enseña por México campaign flier aimed at attracting teachers from different disciplines. 

Enseña por México campaign flier aimed at attracting teachers from different disciplines. 


The three winners of the 2015 Drenttel Award for Excellence in Design:

Enseña ChileRedesign of Enseña Chile’s training and support program by assessing corps members’ experiences;

Teach For IndiaDesign of the original musical Maya and its robust promotional campaign;

Teach First (UK)Design of a comprehensive recruitment campaign, which in one year led to a 200% increase in leads.

Download the 2015 drenttel Award Press Release

Teach for India's original musical Maya was created by young students themselves. 

Teach for India's original musical Maya was created by young students themselves.